About Us



  • We are a family run – design and manufactory based in Germany – focused on the highest quality production methods for pet products and accessories in the world.
  • We believe in using only premium materials, ensuring the highest quality production.
  • We implement cutting edge innovative ideas and technology in product development.
  • We believe in offering the best service to our clients and offer you a confident 2 year warranty on selected categories.
  • Hunter was founded by Rolf Trautwein in 1980 – We have a passion for our raw materials, with outstanding product knowledge, we design and create hand crafted masterpieces at fair prices.
  • Our mission – is to bring joy to pet parents and their animals and visibly express their profound bound. We aim to provide the best possible functionality.
  • We are inspired by the incredible bound we have with our pets and the many activities we can share with our pets. We believe in creating pleasure and comfort to animals and their pet parents.

Brief details on Hunters rich History in the Pet Industry

Master Saddle maker and dog owner Rolf Trautwein realised his dream of high-quality accessories for dogs at the age of 36 and founded the company HUNTER in 1980. The initially small range of leather accessories made in Germany evolved within just a few years into a diverse product range and the company name of HUNTER grew to become a leading brand in the pet industry. With high-quality equipment for dogs and cats, as well as stylish accessories, the family business quickly managed to conquer new market segments. In 2000, the daughter of the company founder, Nadine Trautwein, joined the Group and since 2007 has been leading the globally successful company with a team of around 160 committed employees who share the company’s passion for the brand and love animals. Organised from our Headquarters in Leopoldshöhe Germany we jointly work with our customers in around 45 countries worldwide.

Tell us about Hunters, accolades and awards of the past?

HUNTER has won several awards. Just to name some of them:

  • In 2005, we were awarded the “Inspirational Prize” from the Lippe district. We were honoured for the fact that we have doubled our number of employees in five years and are therefore an important employer in the local region.
  • HUNTER is a successful training company. This is confirmed by the fact that one of our trainees was honoured as the first winner of the federal competition of professional saddlers (2006).
  • Environmental protection plays an important role at HUNTER. Certificates and documents impressively demonstrate the successful reduction of CO2 consumption.
  • 2014 HUNTER received the DOGS Award for its social engagement from the famous Dogs Magazine.

What makes Hunter products unique and special in the market place?

Our products are innovative and high quality. The health and safety of animals is at the heart of all of our considerations – but we don’t compromise on appealing and stylish design. Short-term trends have barely any influence on the development of our products. Instead, we much prefer it if customers appreciate our work and our ideas, and if our products are known among pet owners as “true classics”. HUNTER offers high-quality pet accessories for dogs and cats. In addition to accessories for everyday life, sport, leisure, hunting and safety, HUNTER also offers dog and cat snacks – and, of course, snacks made in Germany are available.

Tell us about the Hunter brand? And its positioning in the market place? What sort of value proposition do you suggest we offer to our retail customers, when launching the Hunter Brand?

We want to become qualitative market leaders.« In these times of anonymous, mass-produced goods, quality does not mean a luxury, but rather the individual requirement to provide something special when it matters. It is an expression of dedication, passion and confidence. That’s why quality is our highest goal and it defines our approach. We pursue this requirement without making any compromises – without exception and in detail. As a family-run manufacturer, we are focused on high-quality production methods – our customers notice this too in every HUNTER product.

Whom are the key target markets for the Hunter products?

HUNTER targets pet owners around in the world who seek for uncompromising high quality products, and like to visually express their deep bond towards their animals.

What should customers expect when they buy a Hunter product?

We live quality in everything we do.« Our passion for quality doesn’t just apply to our products. We want to bring joy to people and animals and visibly express their profound bond. Our understanding of quality also determines our interpersonal communication. It is shaped by dependability, loyalty, partnership and responsibility. You can rely on us, on those who work for HUNTER, and the products we make. Always. Customers can expect highest quality products, handcrafted perfection, innovation and quality materials.

Why should retailers stock Hunter products? What’s in it for them?

The entirety of the HUNTER product range currently includes around 5,500 items. The products range from collars, harnesses and leashes for dogs and cats made from different materials, to functional and fashionable dog clothing and beds, as well as care and hygiene items, innovative toys and snacks. A large number of products are produced in Germany, offering that »Made in Germany« quality with conviction. In the development of new products, the key aspect is always the motivation to bring pleasure and comfort to animals and their owners, and to provide the best possible functionality.

Why should customers buy a Hunter product and not a competitors?

Our passion for materials, our outstanding product knowledge and our joy in hand-crafted perfection is our driving force and defines the highest demand we set for ourselves. As a family business, we commit ourselves to setting standards in manufacturing, which no others are capable of doing.