Delivery Information

At Hunter S.A. what you see is what you pay, all our prices are already inclusive of VAT, however a delivery fee will be added on during check out if applicable.

A picture is worth 1000 words and at Hunter S.A. we try our best to stick to ours.

On the occasion of a delivery undertaken for an outlying area or international, we may charge an additional delivery fee. Also in the event of deliveries going out to remote areas, it takes us a little longer to get there and our deliveries will take 2 days extra if applicable.

Because each day is unique and we can never predict what awaits us, traffic jams, potholes, rainy weather, bad taxi drivers, we unfortunately can’t guarantee delivery times of our courier, we will try our best to ensure that delivery occurs within office hours though.

We fine, pet shop boys fellows also need a break once in a while, so we don’t deliver on Sundays or public holidays (we need to sleep in late sometimes too J).

All prices are subject to change and are valid while stocks last!

Unfortunately we cannot leave deliveries unattended at the recipient’s front door, If on receiving our products and you or that special someone is not 100% satisfied, let our customer service team know within 48 hours and we will gladly collect and replace it at our expense or collect it and provide you with a refund, at our discretion.

Don’t worry if you choose a Hunter product and it’s the wrong size or other; if the packaging is still unopened and we have stock of something else you would prefer, perhaps an alternative Hunter product we’ll gladly exchange it for you, at our discretion. Although we may have to charge a collection and redelivery fee.

Although seldom charged, we do reserve the right to charge a handling fee should the address provided be incorrect, you changed your mind and the delivery already went out or if the recipient already has a similar product and needs to exchange the items for something else.

No one’s perfect and sometimes mistakes happen. If you receive a product that is different to the one you ordered, let us know within 48 hours of receiving it and we’ll make arrangements for the item(s) to be returned to us and for the correct product to be delivered to you ASAP. If the incorrect product is delivered to you do not remove the product from its original packaging, open or use the product in any way. If the product is opened or use in any way and is not in the original condition that we delivered it in, you will be liable for a handling fee.

If you would like to return a product purchased on “special” and if the product price is still valid, let us know within 48hrs and we’ll gladly collect and arrange a refund to amount you bought it at, minus the delivery cost, provided the product is in its original condition and original packaging, and has not been opened or used in any way. Unfortunately if the product or item is returned to us and has been opened and/or used in any way, we will offer you a refund minus a 30% handling fee.

If there’s a problem and you need to return an item purchased on “special” and we don’t have it at the sale price anymore, let our customer service elves know within 48hrs and we will be happy to collect and provide you with a refund to the amount it was purchased at, minus the delivery cost. All of this awesomeness will happen as long as the product is in its original condition and original packaging, and has not been opened, tampered with or used in any way. Unfortunately if the product is returned to us and has been opened and/or used, we will give you a refund minus a 30% handling fee.

If the Hunter product that you or your loved one received is faulty (like if the Hunter bed received is torn open and half the content has fallen out etc) you need to let us know within 48hrs of receiving it and we’ll organise for the faulty item to be returned to us for testing. If no bugs or faults are found, the product will be returned back to you at your cost. If the items are found to be full of issues and there is a problem, depending on the fault and the product availability, we will offer you a replacement, at our discretion.

With so many Jenny’s, Pennies, Sara’s and Ryan’s in the world, please excuse us if you’re asked to send through a copy of your I.D and credit card, we’re just making sure that nobody’s stolen your identity. You must be at least 18 years old to use the Service, alternatively have parental consent; we trust that you are responsible for keeping your password secret and secure.

If we have to reattempt your delivery more than twice we may charge you a handling fee as well as refund you in the form of a voucher.