Hunter Cat Bed Tube with Toy Anthracite Grey

1. Built in Toy
2. Opens into a bed
3. Folds into a tunnel
4. Hygienic – Easy to Clean
5. Home Décor Friendly
6. Soft Comfortable Material
7. Designed in Germany

Dimensions – 75 x 50 cm

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The LILLE cat tunnel can be used as a classic cat tunnel, or alternatively as a cosy spot to relax for your cat. The cosy fur-lined interior of the tunnel can then become a comfortable rest area that offers a soft and comfy place to snooze too.

Most cats will be delighted if they are able to play in the LILLE cat tunnel with their owner or other cats. They delight in hiding in the tunnel, and their enjoyment is furthered by the in-built toy they find inside.

The cosy tunnel is a pleasant refuge if your cat simply needs some peace and quiet, and perhaps a little snooze. The LILLE cat tunnel consists of a softly padded mat with a furry side – the cosy interior of the tunnel – and a claw-friendly outside made of tough polyester felt.

Simply roll it up, close it with the buttons and straps and let the tunnel-based fun begin! Thanks to its casual and discreet appearance, the LILLE cat tunnel blends in to any living environment. To clean the tunnel, simply wash it by hand.


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