Hunter Cat Bowl Feeding Bar with Indicator Pink 150ml

1. Stainless Steel Dish Removable
2. Dishwasher-safe
3. Non-Skid Pads to prevent sliding
4. Hygienic – Easy to Clean
5. Home Décor Friendly
6. Sturdy Construction
7. Designed in Germany

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The MOULINS melamine feeding bar for cats offers the ideal combination of attractive design and practicality. The washable melamine bar consists of two food bowls for dry and wet food and features a little pointer that indicates the feeding time. This means every member of your household will be able to see when your cat was last fed.

MOULINS melamine feeding bar for cats ensures the feeding bowls are at a comfortable height for your cat and at the same time prevents the bowls from sliding or flipping over. It is more comfortable for your cat, and from your point of view results in less food spillage. The MOULINS feeding bar is made from melamine and stainless steel, is dishwasher-safe and therefore very easy to clean.

The indicator showing when your cat was last fed is enormously helpful if different people in your household are responsible for feeding the cat at different times of the day. The cheerful little cat-shaped indicator shows when the cat was last fed, which prevents overfeeding. The indicator on the MOULINS melamine feeding bar allows you to see straight away whether your cat has already been fed of a morning or evening.


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